Upstate Granite Solutions to Unfurl Largest "Thin Blue Line" Law Enforcement Flag in the World. 

Friday, August 18th, the upstate community gathered at Upstate Granite Solutions to unfurl the world’s largest law enforcement flag to honor Easley Police Officer Matthew Hare.

This event was designed to honor first responders and the late Officer Matthew Hare, who was tragically killed in the line of duty on August 2nd.

Upstate Granite Solutions graciously invited all first responders to join this expression of unity and appreciation. The event began with community leaders, including Chief Deputy Chuck James of the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office sharing remarks highlighting the dedication and compassion of our emergency personnel.

Everyone in attendance was invited to help unfurl and raise the “Thin Blue Line” Law Enforcement Flag for the first time!

Flag 3

Flag 2

FLag 4

Flag 6

Flag 7

Flag 8


FLag 9