At Home Visitation

  1. Set Up an Account from the following link:
  2. Answer all 3 Security Questions
  3. Fill out all information to match what is on your drivers licenses!
  4. Once your account has been made, log back into your account .Go to ACCOUNT and choose VIDEO VISITATION! (It’s important to make sure you have a phone with a front facing camera you will need it for the video and the following steps)
  5. Choose family & friends or Attorney
  6. Allow Securus to access your camera to make sure you can visit. (It will ask you if you can see yourself on the screen. lf you cannot see yourself then choose go to the next step.)
  7. Upload a picture of your Drivers Licenses and a picture of yourself with NO CRAZY SNAPCHAT FILTERS or you will not be approved.
  8. Once submitted you will need to choose the State and the Detention Center.
  • Make Sure you verify your Email Address within 24hours or you will be locked out of your account
Once your account has been approved you can start visitation. There is a  fee . This is not something that Pickens County Detention Center has any control over.

You can do this from home or come by the Detention Center to set up your account.