K9 Unit

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit consists of six specially trained dog teams. The dog teams work regular shifts on the Uniform Patrol Division and within the Detective Division. Each dog lives at home with its handler. 

The primary purpose of K9 units is to enhance law enforcement capabilities in various areas such as patrol, tracking, searching, detection, and apprehension. Police dogs are valued for their acute sense of smell, agility, speed, and ability to perform tasks that may be challenging for humans.

K9 units undergo extensive training to develop specialized skills based on their intended roles. They are trained in obedience, scent detection, suspect apprehension, search and rescue, crowd control, and other specific tasks. Both the dogs and their handlers receive training to form a cohesive team.

K9 units are utilized in various situations, including:

  • Patrol and Tracking: Dogs can be deployed to track suspects, locate missing persons, or trail individuals based on their scent.
  • Crowd Control: The presence of police dogs can help deter or control unruly crowds during public events or protests.
  • Narcotics and Explosives Detection: K9 units are often employed on traffic stops or other locations to detect illegal substances or potential threats.
  • Search Operations: Dogs with search and rescue training can assist in locating missing persons, fleeing criminals, or finding evidence in criminal investigations.
The relationship between the K9 handler and their dog is crucial. They work together as a team, with the handler giving commands and the dog responding accordingly. Handlers develop a deep bond with their dogs through constant training and time spent together.

The K9 unit is a valuable asset to the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of Pickens County, providing unique capabilities that aid in crime prevention, detection, and public safety.

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit is comprised of the following K-9s and their handlers: 

  • Corporal Corey Baker with Rico 
  • Deputy Nikki Holliday with Kona 
  • Deputy Brady Autrey with Shadow 
  • Deputy Brenden Carmichael with Dak 
  • Deputy Robert Timmons with Tank 
  • Deputy Tony Jones with Lily

To learn more about donating to the Pickens County Sheriff's Office K9 foundation and receive your K9 Team Challenge Coin, visit K9 Foundation

K9 Team

Corey Baker

Nikki and Kona 2

Brady Autrey

Lily and Tank


Robert Timmons

Tony Jones