School Resource Officer (SRO)

Pickens County School Resource Officers (SROs) are law enforcement officers assigned to work in Pickens County Schools. The School Resource Officer Unit involves the assignment of carefully selected and specially trained deputies to work directly in public schools in Pickens County. 

This program has been implemented in full cooperation with the Pickens County School District. School Resource Officers take a community policing approach practiced in a school environment. The one-to-one concept is recommended for maximum benefit to the school. Officers are assigned to middle and elementary schools, Daniel High School, the Career and Technology Center, and Youth Leadership Academy Charter School. The selection of the School Resource Officer is generally based on an officer's experience and an interest in helping children. The exclusive focus on the physical and social territory of the school is an essential aspect of the School Resource Officer concept. The School Resource Officer is familiar with the school's physical layout and knows who belongs on school property and who does not. Pickens County School Resource Officers wear a uniform and weapon while on duty in the school to reinforce their role as Deputy Sheriff.

The following are the essential responsibilities and functions of Pickens County SROs:  

 1. Safety and Security: SROs are responsible for maintaining a safe and secure environment within the school. They patrol the premises, monitor entrances and exits, and respond to incidents or emergencies on school grounds.

 2. Law Enforcement: SROs enforce laws and regulations within the school setting. They investigate and address criminal activities on school property, such as drug offenses, theft, or assault. SROs also work closely with local law enforcement agencies to coordinate responses to potential threats or criminal incidents.

 3. Conflict Resolution and Mediation: SROs often play a role in resolving conflicts and promoting positive student relationships. They serve as mediators, helping to address student disputes or disagreements or providing guidance on conflict resolution strategies.

 4. Educational Programming: SROs develop and deliver educational programs on various topics, such as bullying prevention, drug awareness, internet safety, or personal safety. These programs aim to promote positive behavior, foster good decision-making skills, and educate students about potential risks or dangers they may face.

 5. Building Relationships: SROs strive to build positive relationships with students, staff, and parents. Regularly engaging with the school community develops trust and rapport, facilitating communication and collaboration in addressing safety concerns or issues.

The primary goal of an SRO is to create a safe and supportive learning environment while serving as a resource for students and staff.
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