The Forensics Unit currently operates with four full-time officers. They are tasked to investigate, detect, collect, and analyze evidence at crime scenes. Each member of this unit is highly trained in the sciences related to fingerprints, blood, firearms, DNA collection, crime scene photography, and trace evidence. They process and analyze crime scene evidence while working closely with state and federal forensics labs to identify perpetrators and their methods of operation. Crime scene detectives link crime scene evidence to victims and perpetrators of crimes, and present expert testimony in criminal prosecutions. As the court system demands more non-refutable evidence, the challenge for the Forensics Unit continues to increase. With the advances in science and technology, the processing of evidence once thought to have been "science fiction" is now a reality.

The major duties of the Forensics Unit include:

  • Processing all questionable death scenes
  • Storage and disposition of all evidence and property seized by the Sheriff's Office
  • Assisting the Special Operations Units with search warrants on illegal drug operations and other undercover investigations
  • Assisting the Investigations Units with the recovery of stolen property
  • Transportation of evidence to the SLED for analysis
  • Provide assistance to the Central, Clemson, Clemson University, Easley, Liberty, and Pickens Police Departments upon request for crime scene investigation
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