Wrecker and Towing Services

To be consistent with the existing state highway department regulations, which are followed by all wrecker services utilized by the state highway patrol, the county hereby adopts the following standards to be followed by all wrecker services operating or conducting business in the county:

  • Financial Interest by Law Enforcement Officer: No county law enforcement officer shall hold any financial or ownership interest in any wrecker service.
  • Driver to Have Service of Choice: Unless the owner or driver of a vehicle is incapacitated, the owner or driver of a wrecked or disabled vehicle shall have the right to the wrecker service of his choice. Before calling any wrecker service to tow a wrecked or disabled vehicle, the investigating officer on the scene shall, if practical, determine the owner's or driver's preference for wrecker service, and the wrecker service designated by the owner or driver shall be called.
  • Safe Storage Area: The wrecker service shall maintain a safe storage area for all vehicles towed. This may be a locked building or a secured fenced-in area where the stored cars are not accessible to the public.
  • Safety Equipment: All wreckers shall have legally authorized lighting and other safety equipment to protect the motoring public. Such equipment shall be maintained in good working order.
  • Removal of Debris: Equipment, such as brooms, shovels, etc., must be carried on all wreckers to remove glass and other debris from the highway. The wrecker service shall clear the highway before leaving the scene of any accident.
  • Twenty-Four-Hour Call: Wrecker services shall be available to the county sheriff's department, the county communications center, and the public on a 24-hour basis. They must be willing to accept collect calls from the county sheriff's department and the county communications center.
  • Favoring of Particular Service: In no event shall any county law enforcement officer recommend any wrecker service to the owner of a wrecked or disabled vehicle, nor shall any county law enforcement officer ever recommend the services of a particular wrecker service in performing his duties.
  • Wrecker Service Zones: For the purposes of this article, the unincorporated area of the county has been divided into wrecker service zones.

If you wish to be added to the Pickens County Sheriff's Office wrecker rotation, contact Lt. Daniel Cochran, of the Office of Professional Standards, at danielc@co.pickens.sc.us or 864-898-5515.  

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