Victim Services

Victim's Services is a specialized unit within the Pickens County Sheriff's Office dedicated to providing crime victims support, assistance, and resources. This unit is staffed by two trained professionals who work closely with victims to address their needs and help them navigate the criminal justice system. The specific functions and services provided by our Victim Services unit are as follows:  

1.  Crisis Intervention: Victim Services offers immediate crisis intervention to victims of crime. They provide emotional support, help victims find safe accommodations if needed, and offer assistance in obtaining medical care or other emergency services.

2.  Information and Referrals: Victim Services provides victims with information about their rights, the criminal justice process, and available resources. They offer guidance and make referrals to other support services such as counseling, legal assistance, and financial aid programs.

3.  Court Support and Advocacy: Our Victim Advocates accompany victims to court proceedings, providing them with information about courtroom procedures, explaining their rights, and offering emotional support. They also help victims prepare impact statements and facilitate communication between victims and prosecutors.

4.  Safety Planning: Victim Services works with victims to develop safety plans tailored to their specific situations. This can involve assessing potential risks, providing guidance on personal safety measures, and connecting victims with resources for obtaining restraining orders or protective orders if necessary.

5.  Follow-up Support: Victim Advocates maintain regular contact with victims throughout the criminal justice process, ensuring their ongoing needs are met. They provide updates on case progress, offer support and referrals for ongoing counseling, and address victims' concerns or questions.

6.  Collaboration with Other Agencies: Victim Services collaborate with other agencies, such as prosecutors, social service agencies, and healthcare providers, to ensure a coordinated and comprehensive response to victims' needs. They participate in multidisciplinary teams to address cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, or other forms of victimization.

If you or someone you know is a victim of a crime and seeking support, contacting the Victim Services unit is an excellent first step. They can provide information on available resources, connect you with support services, and guide you through reporting the crime and accessing assistance.

The Pickens County Sheriff's Office Victim Services unit is comprised of two victim advocates, Carmen Lehmann, and Hannah Phillips.

Who is eligible for service?

A victim is a person (an Individual) who suffers direct or threatened physical, psychological, or financial harm as a result of a criminal act. This also includes the person's spouse, parent, child, a representative of a deceased victim, a minor, or someone who is incapable, being physically or psychologically disabled. It does not include someone who is under investigation, charged with a crime, or convicted of a crime.

A witness is a person who has testified or is expected to testify in a case.

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