The training department at the Pickens County Sheriff's Office is designed to equip our law enforcement personnel with the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to carry out their duties effectively and ethically.  The following are some critical aspects of training at the Pickens County Sheriff's Office:  

1.  Basic Training: The Pickens County Sheriff's Office requires recruits to complete a basic training program before becoming sworn officers.  This training takes place at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.  It covers various topics, including criminal law, constitutional rights, patrol procedures, firearms training, defensive tactics, emergency response, and ethical standards.

2.  Physical Fitness: Physical fitness is essential to law enforcement training.  Recruits must undergo physical conditioning programs to ensure they possess the strength, endurance, and agility necessary to perform their duties safely and effectively.

3.  Firearms Training: Deputies and Detention Officers receive training in the proper use of firearms and techniques for handling firearms safely.  This training includes marksmanship, tactical shooting, firearm maintenance, and situational judgment.

4.  Defensive Tactics: Recruits learn various defensive tactics and techniques to protect themselves and others while apprehending suspects or responding to potentially dangerous situations.  This includes hand-to-hand combat, self-defense maneuvers, and control and restraint techniques.

5.  Legal and Procedural Training: Deputies and Detention Officers with the Pickens County Sheriff's Office must understand the laws, regulations, and legal procedures that govern their actions.  Training in this area includes topics such as arrest procedures, search and seizure laws, evidence handling, report writing, and courtroom testimony.

6.  Crisis Intervention and De-escalation: Given the diverse situations officers encounter, training in crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques is crucial.  This training focuses on effective communication, conflict resolution, and strategies to manage volatile situations while minimizing the use of force.

7.  Cultural Sensitivity and Community Relations: Recognizing the importance of community trust and cooperation, sworn personnel are trained annually on cultural sensitivity, bias awareness, and community policing principles.  This helps our deputies understand and interact respectfully with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

8.  Specialized Training: Depending on their roles and assignments, deputies receive specialized training in areas such as forensics, cybercrime investigation, narcotics enforcement, SWAT operations, hostage negotiations, or traffic enforcement.

9.  Continuing Education: The Pickens County Sheriff's Office requires sworn personnel to engage in ongoing professional development and training to stay updated on new techniques, technologies, laws, and emerging trends in law enforcement.

It's important to note The Pickens County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing its Deputies and Detention Officers with the most innovative training available.  The functions of training at the Pickens County Sheriff's Office are as follows: 

  • Maintain in-house training records of sworn personnel employed by the Sheriff's Office, ensuring that each employee is up to date on required training.
  • Send in reports as required by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy on each sworn Deputy's acquired training within a three year period.
  • Schedule training for Deputies that complies with Sheriff's Office policy and standards from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.
  • Seek advanced training opportunities outside of our agency for our Deputies to attend to enhance their development as professional law enforcement officers so that they may better serve the citizens of Pickens County.
  • Provide maintenance of every firearm issued to the Deputies of the Sheriff's Office to ensure the safe operation of each weapon for the safety of the Deputy and those he/she may come into contact with.
  • Maintain all equipment records / inventory for each Deputy and ensure that all personnel are properly equipped for his/her safety and the safety of the public.
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