Records Management

Records Management is a critical part of any organization dependent upon the use of stored information to accomplish its mission. Nowhere is this more important than in law enforcement where it is often the sole source of information that is required by a host of society's functions. Without a properly functioning records management program cases could not be followed up, victims could not be assisted or protected, suspects who initially escape would not later be caught and prosecuted, the innocent would face false accusation without recourse, the public would not know about the problems in their own community, and the public would have no basis for trust in either law enforcement or criminal justice.

While many of the tasks performed by a Records Section may seem repetitious or just "paper shuffling" the personnel involved never forget their underlying importance. The Records Section maintains all reports submitted by deputies of incidents handled during the course of the performance of their duties. This paperwork is disseminated to local, state and federal agencies as required by law.

The Records Section also maintains dispositions, and executes expungement orders, within accordance of the law and is responsible for maintaining case files on arrests or charges made by deputies.
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