Internal Affairs

Functions of Internal Affairs

Protection of the Public:

The public has the right to expect efficient, fair, and impartial law enforcement; therefore, any allegation of misconduct by Sheriff's Office personnel must be investigated and properly addressed to ensure the maintenance of these qualities.

Protection of the Employee:

Employees must be protected against false allegations of misconduct. Although being the subject of an investigation may be unpleasant or uncomfortable, the best protection for an employee is a complete and thorough investigation conducted in a timely manner that clearly and unequivocally supports the employee's honesty and integrity if that is indeed the case.

Protection of the Office:

The Sheriff's Office often is evaluated and judged by the actions of its individual members. It is imperative that the entire organization not be subjected to public censure because of the misconduct of one member. When the public is confident that the department honestly and fairly investigates and addresses all allegations against its members, it is less likely that citizens will raise a cry of indignation over alleged incidents of misconduct.

Removal of Unfit Personnel:

Personnel who engage in serious acts of misconduct or who have demonstrated that they are unfit to handle law enforcement responsibilities must be removed from the office for the protection of the public, fellow employees, and the department.

Correction of Procedural Problems:

The agency constantly seeks to improve its efficiency and the quality of its personnel. Occasionally, investigations by Internal Affairs disclose faulty procedures that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

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