Professional Standards

The goal of the Office of Professional Standards is to ensure the integrity and professionalism of the Sheriff's Office by investigating all allegations of serious officer misconduct, overseeing other complaints made against office employees, and conducting administrative staff inspections.

A variety of complaints arise from various individuals and situations during day-to-day law enforcement and the investigation of criminal behavior. Often, these are misunderstandings that can be resolved by addressing the problem with an employee's supervisor. However, when allegations elevate to the level of misconduct, the specialized investigators of this unit are utilized to gather information and determine facts.

In an effort to monitor and encourage continued adherence to all Sheriff's Office policies, procedures, and high standards-of-ethics, this unit also conducts periodic administrative inspections. These administrative inspections and reviews are designed to ensure all employees are providing the quality-of-service demanded by the Sheriff and expected by the citizens of Pickens County. This service is critical as the Pickens County community continues to grow and law enforcement needs change and diversify.

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